Tarte Dubai Trip For Influencers 2023


Many TikTok Influencers have been sharing about their sponsored trip to Dubai

The brand that's getting a lot of attention for splurging on influencers is 'Tarte', headquartered in New York City

The influencers seem to be flying first class and staying at luxurious properties such as Ritz Carlton in Dubai

The cost of flights from NYC to Dubai, in first class, is in excess of $40,000 round trip

Including the cost of everything, Tarte might be spending in excess of $100,000 per influencer for this trip

Multiple influencers such as Pohl, McMichael, Earle, Meredith Duxbury, and others have been invited for this trip

While not everyone gets a sponsored trip, you too can take advantage of the $0 visa-on-arrival program if you visit Dubai

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